Beginners Bouldering n Drunken Climbin by Night

I finally made it to the Ground Up Climbing Gym the other day – with thanks to a British bud of mine with a car, handy stuff.

It was a little tougher than I thought. I figured with my background as an Outdoor Pursuits Instructor I might have some level of natural talent. But I felt like a true beginner.

I threw myself at it and have got plenty of raw skin and bruises to prove it. I’m really looking forward to getting back at it and conquering some of the more basic routes.

I stuck to bouldering this time, equipment wise it’s a lot cheaper. I borrowed some climbing shoes, nabbed a free day pass from a monthly member and I was set.

After an hour or or scrambling about on the baby routes we went for a beer and some pizza at the BackCountry Brewing.I tasted a whole bunch of beer before settling on their pale ale. Here I continued to spend no money as I was treated by my British companion who worked there – great stuff.

I drank free beer into the afternoon, heading over to Ian’s apartment for a few before going back to the hostel to get ready for a little staff do. We’d been invited out to Squamish Rafting’s annual bonfire bonanza at Fergie’s.

We arrived as it was getting dark, just enough daylight to still be able to recognise all the local faces all over the shop. Girls from work, local adventure instructors and just general friends of friends. Real tight community here in the ole Squam.

I danced the night away, ‘n’ climbed up on to a batting cage to sit for a while. Gotta love being up high.

Ever-loving Abigail



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