When the Fairies went Rafting

This past week there’s been an enchanting birthday party and a river rafting trip.

There’s not too much to report from the party. We dressed up as fairies (and a few cow boys) and we took over one of the hostel dorms for most of the night. We headed out onto the town as the place we call home enforced quiet hours at 11pm.

squamish fairies Dorm room fun for Raquel’s Birthday, Anais left, Myself right

With $30 spending money from our darling manager here at the hostel we went and got a drink at the tackiest (only) night club in town and danced the night away. Despite having the entire club to ourselves the DJ seemed to be having a party of his own and took very few of our requests – the rascal.

A few days later a bunch of us got the opportunity to head out on a rafting trip with Squamish Rafting. The day trip took us down the Elaho River, about an hours drive from where I am now.

I’ve been a little wary of water since a little incident about ten years ago. Despite feeling like somewhat of a water baby, I have grown to understand that us humans have very little agency over our great oceans and rivers. No matter how much I’d like to believe I’m some mermaid creature, destined to be forever by the water, the water can still kill you if you become complacent.

As the water rushed down the river in front of me I began our trip a little anxious. Our guide discussed in detail what to do if one of us were to take a dip and how the rescue would take place.

The moment I got on the water I remembered how comfortable this feeling was.

Images courtesy of Squamish Rafting: Available from squamishrafting.smugmug.com/Elaho-Whitewater-Experience/June-4-2017

We rafted, I cliff jumped in glacier fed water and we barbequed. It was a beautiful day.


The Ever-loving Abigail



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