Upcoming Reunions in Van

Music is blasting and I’ve got a glass of red in my hand – so to speak, I type with both hands so there’s time for sipping breaks.

Currently, Squamish is still my kingdom of choice. Still not in a rush to go anywhere. However a short trip back to Vancouver beckons as two travel pals find themselves heading my way: Saskia who I met the first time I was in Canada back in September, is back from a little road trip with her boyfriend and soon to begin a three week trip with her family. She’s staying in Vancouver for a few days and ready for a little reunion.  Lolo has also returned to me, another German has found his way across the states and all the way over in Van.

So many catch ups await me. I shall return to Vancouver and back to stay with my old work buddy, another Brit whom I stayed with last time I was in the city. Matt and his partner, a very hospitable duo, are welcoming me back to their place as an unpaid guest once again. I’m so blessed to have such lovely friends.

Mate, I swear if I ever go on my tour of Germany I’m going to have so many places to stay – so many lovely travel companions from this country.

My travel bucket list hasn’t changed too much since being out here. I’m still eager to tour Germany and Ireland in full. And NZ. New Zealand isss hiiiighh on that list.

International friendships are the best – all da perks 😉

I’ll have more to write about tomorrow after a day of being a fairy for Raquel’s birthday. The day should include: canoeing, enchanted creatures and sparkling wine. What a life ae?

Fan dabby dozey.

The Ever-loving Abigail



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