A Feast on First Nation’s Land

A Morning of Tannin ‘n’ Plannin

As I began scribbling my first draft of this post I was sitting in my back garden with Anaise and Raquel. For those of you who’d forgotten or are unaware – this is my current back garden:


Another pretty blurry photo of the Stawamus Chief, I shall invest in a camera at some point…

This Tuesday just passed marked one month in this mountain town. I didn’t celebrate it in any particular way – not that it’s not worth celebrating – it really is, but I feel I celebrate it every day. My summer home is lush. Despite being besides the Sea to Sky Highway I can barely hear or see the road to the right of me. To the left is the Mamquam Blind Channel at low tide and in front is the bloody towering Stawamus Chief. 

What a way to spend a day off. Tanning and planning on this May morning. The temperature has been in the late twenties and the sun has been blazing down through cloudless skies. In typical British fashion I have been worshiping it’s arrival.

Many of my sunny days so far have been spent hiking under the cover of trees or working away in the kitchen at the cafe so for the last 48 hours I have been completely determined to tan and plan. Mostly tanning with a moderate level of planning… Where next is the question? I’m not in any rush to move away from the mountains, rivers and lakes but it would be nice to get a sense of what’s next for this Brit on the move.

I’m thinking late summer and the fall (Autumn 😉 ) will involve buying a big car, shoving some bikes and kayaks on the top and getting back on the move – in magical company of course. I’m not picturing a job in this plan so I’m gonna be working pretty hard over the coming months to make sure I got ma pennies. And theeeeeen….. Where’s best to spend a white Christmas in Canada? SUCH A BLOODY EXCITING QUESTION. Snow for my birthday, what a bloody treat.

I never got round to any concrete planning but I’ve done a little research and am super excited for what the near future will hold.

Green Moustache Fundraiser

In the evening I went to my work do: a three course meal based on the Gerson Therapy; a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment.

The food was delicious, the talks were on the most part inspiring and convincing – although there was a little medication shaming going on from time to time which was horribly problematic – but I kept schtum for the sake of the company I was keeping.

The location was amazing. It was my first time up in Whistler. The drive up there was beautiful and the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre  was an amazing setting. Here I found myself on First Nations land, being welcomed with song and blessings.

 All images courtesy of @greenmoustachesquamish on Instagram
We bowed our heads for a traditional blessing and thanked those watching down on us for this amazing food in front of us, for those who farmed the land and brought it to us and those who prepared it. We also gave best wishes and safe travels for those on the move this summer and our host spoke of us returning well to our families. I couldn’t help but feel a longing for my own family and remembered how far away they were – how far away they are. My heart lurched in my chest. I wish I could share these amazing moments with you all more closely and hope you know how much I think of you all often.
I’ve worked very hard to be where I am today, taking this adventure, but I can’t help but feel blessed to be on this journey. Hearing these First Nations songs reminded me of how privileged I am to be on their sacred land and for them to be sharing a little of their culture with me. Magical experiences like this can’t always be shared with those I love but I hope that through my writing you can understand a fraction of my experience in this beautiful country.
I really am a soppy so ‘n’ so, but it’s bloody great.
I truly feel like I’m seeing, touching and feeling things for the first time. My senses are heightened and I’m more aware of myself and my place in the world around me. I touch everything, I breathe it all in and I swear I hear sounds I’ve never heard before. I’ve even started to regain something of a sense of smell too. On my hike the other day I could smell the trees around me and this morning I could smell the bacon cooking in the kitchen.
My skin is tingling from the sun and I’m in love.
The Ever-loving Abigail

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