Squamish for Beginners Continued

Today I took another little trail ideal for the more placid adventurer, or someone like me who isn’t looking to venture too far from home when I’ve got work this afternoon.

The Stawamus River Trail is a completely flat trail working it’s way along the bottom of the Chief on the Squamish side. If you stick to the main gravel footpath you’re looking at no more than a half-decent dog walk, but if you venture along the interlocking paths on the waterside you’ll find the woodland is dense enough to make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere and that there may even be bears around any corner. I didn’t see any fresh prints today, just claw marks on the trees again – I’m supposedly in bear country out here but I’m yet to be graced with their presence.


Stawamus River, Squamish

There were lots of logs and rocks I could hop along that let me venture out a little further into the water. The water was shallow, clear and fast moving. It made this great gushing sound that made me want to stick around for ages just listening. Though, walking by myself I didn’t want to settle down too quietly anywhere. I may not have seen a bear or the elusive cougar yet but I’m not silly- I’m not in Essex anymore.

I also saw my first beaver dam since being out in Ottawa in September. Such hard workers ae. This was a little further out from the river in a little tributary, hence the less appealing colour of the water.


Beaver dam, Stawamus River, Squamish

I chose a safe spot to settle; out in the open in a grassy plot just behind some houses. The grass was long and made for a nice squishy bed. I sat surrounded by dandelions in a field full of wishes.


Wishing field, Squamish

I lay down blowing dandelions for ten minutes or so, soaking up my surroundings. I can’t tell you what I wished for. If it’s anything like birthday candles then the magic only works if the wishes are kept secret.


The Ever-loving Abigail




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