Squamish for Beginners

I was somewhat distracted writing my last two posts by the company I’ve been keeping. I forgot to mention a bunch of the nice ‘travel’ things I’ve done here in Squamish over the last week or so. It’s easy to forget I’m here holidaying when I’m working so much.

But I went along some real cute trails and learnt a little bit about fly fishing down by the Mamquam River.

Squeezing trails in to the hours I’m not working means I’m limited to short, not-so-strenuous trails close by to my places of work.


Smoke Bluffs Trail Map

Smoke Bluffs was a great start. This trail begins just beyond the adventure centre and less than ten minutes walk from the hostel. There’s a slight incline, so it comes with a few decent viewpoints.Although I found that most that we seemed to stumble across were slightly obscured by big-ass trees. I’m reassured there are greater sweet spots along this trail so I shall return again soon for a sunset and some beers. And for those of you who climb there’s tons on offer. This park is made up of loads of mini trails leading to climbing sites of varying difficulty (I’m yet to get my climbing gym membership as I await my first paycheck.

Oceanfront Interpretive Trail is a fancy name for the track leading along the estuary to the ‘beach front’. This isn’t a beach as I know it but I’m sure on a gloriously sunny day the glistening water would look pretty sweet with a mountainous backdrop. We in fact did this little walk one night after I finished work. It’s pretty un-scenic as it happens. But great fun at night when there could be bears creeping around any corner. My eyes darting about constantly, waiting to see two floating red dots reflecting in our torches. No such encounters.  The night time chill on the beach was pretty sweet too. It was a ridiculous time to go the beach without warmth, sunlight and the vivid mountain views, but we had the place to ourselves, I could hear the water and not much else, and I could still just about see the snow capping the mountain peaks in the moonlight. I felt like I’d stumbled upon my own private little spot.

Later in the week we also took a real small track through the woodlands across from Smoke Bluffs. The only evidence I can find of this online is something referred to as the Loggers Lane Interpretive Trail. Walking through the woodland in the pouring rain it felt like I was in a very soggy England as I happily splashed through puddles. The trees were dense so I couldn’t see through to the mountains surrounding us. I could’ve been anywhere – I didn’t mind though, I was in good company. This easy walk has zero incline as is really just a decent place to look at some impressive moss and walk the dog (miss you Monty).


Reuben at Loggers Lane 

Finally, a little jaunt along the Mamquam River was also on the agenda. This walk took a little more time out of the morning. Walking across town for forty minutes or so to reach our destination. Apparently there’s more bears around this area. I saw a few paw prints and scratches along the trees and it got me all excited – still yet to see one bloody bear.


Reuben along the Mamqaum

The water is pretty clear and super chilly. Reuben piggy backed me over to spots along the middle of the water and showed me a little bit about fly fishing. It was nice to learn something new on my trip. This boy has taught me a lot although I don’t think he knows it.

Since my trip to the Mamquam I’ve googled more photos and found a lush looking waterfall I’d like to visit. We shall see ae.

The Ever-loving Abigail



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